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Abbas Akhavein

Master of Contemporary Calligraphy


Born in 1937 in Mashhad, Razavi province. Akhavein started his artistic endeavors at the age of 21. He was instructed by the late Aqahosseini, one of the renowned students of Emad-ul-Kottab (Mir Emad Hassani). His love for the great Iranian calligrapher Miremad and studious efforts helped Akhavein to turn into a master in Nastaliq script. He was a teacher at Iranian Calligraphers Association during 1979-1991.

Akhavein established first private calligraphy training institute called Iranian Calligraphy Center in 1992. He authored several books for teaching Nastaliq script including "Lessons on Nastaliq" and "A Life With Nastaliq". Akhavein has inscribed a selection of quotations of Khajeh Abdollah Ansari as well as quatrains of Oheddin Kermani. He published a book titled "Ghadie Message of Hafez". He mounted several solo exhibitions in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait as well as Iran. His works and masterpieces of 100 other calligraphers were put on display in an exhibition in Reza Abbasi and Miremad museums to commemorate the greatest Nastaliq master of Iran, Miremad last year. A viewer would be Innovation, homogeneity and smoothness of Akhavein’s artworks.


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